Welcome to Seattle Hypnosis.com!

My name is Bob Scheu. This site, Seattle-Hypnosis.com, is the web presence of a private hypnotherapy practice in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle which I have been gratified to operate since 2002.

The purpose of these pages is to introduce me and the approach I use in my work. It is my hope that the information presented here can help new and potential clients get a sense of what I do (and don't do) and a bit of my personal style; you can then call me if it seems right for your needs. This work is a partnership between me and each client -- no two of these partnerships are alike. So. Please take a few minutes to poke around and see if what you find here is of interest to you.

Each of the links to the left take you to pages with more information. The "Frequent Questions" page has quite a lot of information and can be navigated by topic. I hope you find it, and the other content on the site useful and interesting. I have also linked to a few sites of collegues, friends and other sites you might find interesting.

If what you find here intrigues you, contact me by phone or email (see below), or simply use the form following the Contact Me link on any page of this site. Enjoy!

If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy!